The bomb adds diversity to any training scenario as well as enables to create new ones.

Below, you will find details of the design and operation principles of the Bomb.

This bomb model is made in the same compact case as the Electronic Target. We opted to use this body for a reason. Thanks to its smart design and small size, it has already proved its worth as the case for the electronic target. The plastic body is reinforced with steel bars located along its perimeter.
The Bomb is equipped with 4 IR emitters, a power button, an activation button and features light and sound alerts produced by the embedded speaker and RGB LEDs.


The bomb is switched on using the button on the side panel.  Upon power-on, the bomb goes into the standby mode. When in this mode, you can set a countdown timer (in 1 minute increments) using a standard remote  control. Press and hold the activation button on the top of the bomb for 10 seconds to activate (“plant’) the bomb. As soon as the button is pressed, the RGB LEDs beneath the top transparent bomb cover will change their color from green to red. When they go red, the bomb is activated.

After activation, the bomb will be producing a sound signal, beeping out time before exposition with ever increasing frequency. The bomb will go off when the countdown turns to zero. Explosion will cause a sound signal and beam IR rays inflicting damage to thetrainees within a 10 merer radius.
To deactivate the bomb the player will have to press the deactivation button and hold it for 10 seconds. Upon doing so, the LEDs will switch their color from red to green. When the LEDs go green, the bomb is deactivated.

One of the bomb’s major benefits is its ease of operation. In combination with other devices, it is effectively used both in dynamic and sophisticated tactical scenarios.