The Remote Control is designed to configure laser tag weapons and ancillary devices, while its “Shift” button is provided to double the list of available functions.

The key functions of the Remote Control include:

  • Activation of laser tag weapons and optional equipment
  • Team color change
  • Shot power adjustment
  • Players’ health points boost (to a maximum of 255 hp)
  • Player deactivation


Settings configuration mode

The Remote Control (RC) is designed to configure settings of the tagger, the control point, the universal point and to control the gameplay and is powered  by a 9 V  battery.

The remote control is turned on by the button universal-point-2. To change  weapons settings, the tagger-headband laser tag kit must be within direct line of sight, preferably, at a distance within 5 m. or closer.
Switch on the tagger and the headband. If the trainee is connected, the headband will blink in the preset team color and the tagger speaker will replay the alert message: “Check your weapons and get ready”.

Direct the IR emitter of the remote control at any of the hit sensors and indicator units on the headband. Press Button 2 “Power”   console-manual-1 to adjust the  power of the beam emitted by the tagger IR LED. This setting should be adjusted depending on the training environment. Also, increase the beam power for trainings conducted in open grounds, or under sunny weather and turn it down during trainings played in the evening or indoors to reduce ricochet effect. This remote control setting has to presets – 100% and 50% – toggled whenever the button is pressed. When toggled to full power, the tagger speaker will produce a shot sound characteristic of the weapon involved and a silenced shot sound when toggled to reduced beam power. Pressing this button will also toggle shot range and light brightness of the optical LED.

The IR beam power setting with an accuracy of 1% can be made with the help of the radio base.

Pressing Button 3 “Life х2” universal-point-8-min will double the number of hits required to kill  the trainee in the current game round. Upon doing so, the tagger will replay sound signals resembling the Morse code, with their number corresponding to that of health points. This setting can be set for a maximum of 255 hits.

The team color is changed using Button 4 “Team color” — universal-point-9 . Each pressing of the button will cycle the color of the headband RGB indicators light through the “red-blue-yellow-green” cycle accompanied by a sound signal from the tagger.  The shot power, health points and team color settings can also be changed in the play mode.

Play Mode

After the whole laser tag kit has been configured, pressing Button 1 “New game”universal-point-3will start a new round. For this purpose, direct the IR emitter of the remote control at the sensors on trainees’ headbands (within direct line of sight and not more than 5 meters away) and press this button. The headband will respond with a short flash in the team color and will go off, while the tagger speakers will replay the sound command “Go-go-go!” The teams go to their bases to wait for the go-ahead signal. The referee can respawn a trainee without the need for his or her return to the base.
By using the remote control, the referee can also remove a trainee from the game in case, for example, he or she does not play by the rules. In order to do so, direct the remote control at this trainee’s headband and press Button 5 “Remove” console-manual-2.

The response of the tagger and the headband will be the same as if the trainee was hit with his or or her last health point left.

Extended functions of the Remote Control

The “Shift” button on the side of the remote control extends the list of commands by two times. When pressed simultaneously with one of the other remote control buttons it allows assigning trainees  different military specializations according to the selected game scenario: “Storm trooper”, “Hostage”, “Survivor “ and the general specialization “Special Forces “. All of them have different amount of health points, clips, ammo, etc. (for details please see the table below).


The damage per shot means the number of health units which are taken away from the competitor for one hit in his headband sensor by the tagger beam. «Friendly» fire is a mode in which the trainee can cause damage to teammates.
You can check the player’s specialty and change it with the help of the provided program.

Control point setting mode

Remote control is also used to set the control point.
Remote IR transmitter must be directed vertically to the upper part of the control point. Each pressing of the «doubling the life» button universal-point-8 increases the period of control point holding by 1 minute which is important for finding the winner of the round. Pressing the «teams color change» button universal-point-9 reduces the holding period by one minute.

Universal point configuration mode

In order to configure the universal point, activate the remote control and the universal point by using their power buttons universal-point-2.  Pressing of the button “New game” universal-point-3 will cycle through the universal point modes: “Respawn” – “Radiation” –  “Medkit” – “Random”.

Use the remote control to set the time of each mode. Each pressing of the button “Double life” universal-point-8 will increase the time by 10 seconds, while the “Change team color” universal-point-9 button will reduce it by 10 seconds.

Summary table of default remote control commands

Summary table of the remote control buttons commands by default

The remote control has a feature that allows it to reprogram any button for any other command using the base station and the provided software.