Demonstration of the capabilities of the mounted unit with a blank cartridge

The test of the range of effectiveness of the mounted unit working from blank cartridges.
The mounted unit on the AK hit the target from a distance of more than 250 meters. Due to the universal mounting, the mounted unit can be installed on any weapon for tactical training.

Testing the mounted unit with blank cartridges

The mounted unit captures the blank shot, after which it sends ir-beam to the aimed point. The hit sensors on a vest and a helmet of another soldier capture ir-beam of the block then count it as a conditional wound.
For tactical training, the hinged unit can be attached to the Picatinny rail of any regular weapon.
Blank shots create the conditions of real combat, which increases the effectiveness of the tactical training of soldiers.

Demonstration of the RPG Simulator

The simulator is a model with an emitter that simulates a shot from an RPG. The conditional shot strikes both the personal sets of soldiers and the hit sensors installed on military equipment.
Tactical training with military equipment and RPG simulators allow you to work out different scenarios for the use of armored vehicles and other military vehicles.

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