The Sarmat Shoothouse. Video presentation


The Sarmat Shoothouse is a training complex used to train special units to clear the premises from armed opponents.

The competition of tank units of the Army


The competition of tank units of the Army of the Ground Forces of Ukraine which involved more than 60 servicemen has been completed in the Rivne region.

SPAAG “Shilka” training complex. Video presentation

Time 07:15

The SPAAG “Shilka” training complex is designed to practice engaging low-flying and ground targets with the help of an anti-aircraft self-propelled machine.

The complex includes:

  • A VSU 23-4 weapon set, used to simulate hits and record defeats of anti-aircraft self-propelled units;
  • A set of UAVs with hit sensors that simulate the actions of attack aircraft, attack helicopters and other aerial targets;
  • The software is designed to configure the SPAAG “Shilka” training complex, display equipment on the training ground and record statistics of the exercises.

Features and advantages of the complex:

  • Training without using shells – reduces the expenses on shells and maintenance of military equipment after training;
  • Training against different types of targets – attack aircrafts, attack helicopters, tanks, APCs and other types of equipment;
  • The Shylka system can be used both as a standalone system and in large-scale exercises involving different branches of the armed forces;
  • Thanks to the recording of hits and misses, the complex allows a clear assessment of the effectiveness of the crews.