SPAAG “Shilka” training complex. Video presentation


The Shylka training complex is designed to practice engaging low-flying and ground targets with the help of an anti-aircraft self-propelled machine.

The Sarmat Shoothouse. Video presentation


The Sarmat Shoothouse is a training complex used to train special units to clear the premises from armed opponents.

SKIFTECH comprehensive training solution for military equipment crews

Time 08:03

The tactical training complex consists of the ORION communication system and equipment sets for military equipment. ORION is a communication system that creates wireless coverage on the range and enables large-scale exercises over an area of more than 25 km2.

The ORION system is used to communicate and exchange information between:

  • Control center and the training statistics collection;
  • Equipment kits for tactical training of military equipment crews.

Training statistics and chronology records are stored in the software. The training supervisor can analyze the training battle record in detail and determine the training level of each crew.