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The military equipment armament kit is used for tactical training of armored vehicles crews.

Kit can be used to


To conduct effective tactical training on the basis of standard armored vehicles, in conditions as close as possible to a real battle.


To practice firing from a tank gun and machine gun, using various types of ammunition.


To analyze the training level and identify strengths and weaknesses of the fighters to further improve the training efficiency.

Set modifications

We create armament kits for different types of military equipment, taking into account the type of cannon, machine gun and other features.

We develop kits for

IFV, BDM and others

Operation principle


The laser transmitter is mounted on the cannon of military equipment, to imitate firing.


Defeat sensors are mounted on the body, they capture the laser radiation and report on the conditional defeat and its degree.


The military equipment armament kit - a complete component of a single system SKIF which can interact with simulators of guns, ATGM, explosive devices, and other equipment.

Hinged unit with a laser transmitter

Imitates firing from a cannon and machine gun of military equipment. Cannon and machine gun shots have different range and area of conditional defeat .

Fire Control Module

It is used to select the type of weapon (machine gun or cannon), the type of ammunition for the cannon, as well as to track the conditional defeat.

Defeat sensors

They are evenly mounted on the case of equipment to fix its conditional defeats. Sensors inform about the defeat by means of light indication.

Control unit

The main module of the military equipment armament kit. Other components of the kit are connected to it for communication with the software.

The control unit includes:


Allows you to track the movement of armored vehicles on the polygon.

Acoustic speaker

For loud sound imitation of the shot.

Defeat sensor

Fixes the conditional defeat of military equipment.

Pyrotechnic imitation block

It is used for pyrotechnic indication of a shot and creation of smoke indication in case of conditional defeat of armored vehicles. It allows you to increase combat realism, avoiding the use of physical ammunition.


The tablet with the installed application records the shots fired, improvements made, and other training statistics.It allows you to adjust the parameters of military equipment armament kits.


Displays movement of the military equipment on the polygon.
Allows to conduct large-scale exercises using more than X armored vehicles at a time.
Allows to analyze the actions of fighters and get a clear evaluation of efficiency.