Tactical simulators for Armed forces of Ukraine


We prepared a case study in which we described how SKIFTECH’s outdoor simulators made it possible: motivate fighters to aim fire during exercises and reduce training costs.

“Arms and Security” – summary


At the exhibition, we presented our main novelties of 2021, as well as outdoor simulators for tactical training of shooters and military vehicle crews.

The competition of tank units of the Army

Time 07:51

The competition of tank units of the Army of the Ground Forces of Ukraine which involved more than 60 servicemen has been completed in the Rivne region.

Four teams competed for the title of the best unit:

  • 72 separate mechanized brigade named after Chorny Zaporozhets (Bila Tserkva);
  • 56 separate motorized infantry Mariupol brigade;
  • 92 separate mechanized brigade named after Koshevoy ataman Ivan Sirko (Chuguyev, Kharkiv region);
  • 300 tank training regiment, 169 training center in Desna, Chernihiv region.

Each tank platoon consisted of four tanks with crews of three men: tank commander, driver mechanic, gunner.

Tank crews of 169 Desna Training Centre named after Yaroslav the Wise were the winners. The units were rated in different categories. In particular, the tank crews trained in target shooting, and also conducted a tank duel with a simulated enemy.

Testing in real battle conditions

A separate stage was dedicated to simulating a battle using the sets of military equipment from SKIFTECH. The kits allow you to simulate battle on the basis of standard armored vehicles, without the use of ammunition and without making changes to the design

All tank crews have already had experience in combat training using the sets of military equipment, because the equipment is regularly used for routine tactical training of crews.

The SKIFTECH equipment is used for routine exercises because it allows:

  • Analyze training levels, identify strengths and weaknesses in crew actions to further enhance training effectiveness;
  • Teach the crew to find and engage static or moving targets at different distances;
  • Conduct scenario-based training in a variety of formats.

Follow the link and learn more about the set of weapons of military equipment –