Simultaneous training for different types of troops


The SKIF training system is a solution that allows you to simulate combat for several types of troops.

National Guard of Ukraine feedback about “SKIF”


The Military unit 3045 of the National Guard of Ukraine has been using the SKIF training systems to work out the defense and protection of the Rivne NPP since 2019.

Video. The new anti-tank mine simulator in action

Time 08:46

With this video, you can get an idea of what the simulator is all about, its features, and how it works.

The TM-62 anti-tank mine simulator is used for the tactical training of tankmen, sappers, and military engineers. The principle of activation and use of the mine simulator corresponds to it’s combat prototypes.

  1. The mine is planted and carefully masked at the training ground.
  2. When the tracks or wheels of armored military vehicles press the mine, it is activated. After that, it conditionally explodes, neutralizing combat equipment.
  3. The conditional mine detonation is shown in the software and is accompanied by a corresponding indication from the hit sensors installed on the military equipment. For greater realism, mines and armored vehicles can be fitted with smoke makers that work when mines are detonated or armored vehicles hit.

The use of simulators significantly increases the efficiency and versatility of training, allowing you to train using new scenarios!

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